I’ve been very fortunate to have some articles and images published and recognized. My family has gently nudged me to include this information because I’ve earned it through hard work and heart.

~In June 2017, Shoulder, was accepted into the juried art show by Blue Mitchell, Abstraction, at Darkroom Gallery.
~In May 2017, Living Room Fort, was accepted into the juried art show by Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, Summertime, at A. Smith Gallery.
~In February 2017, Sunrise Reflected, was accepted into the juried art show by Fran FormanElsewhere, at A. Smith Gallery.
~In February of 2017, invited to be in the Darkroom Gallery Masters program at Darkroom Gallery.
~In February of 2017, In Shadow, was accepted into the juried art show by Michael KirchhoffBlack and White (and Blue), at Darkroom Gallery.
~In November of 2016, Behind the Beauty, was accepted into the juried art show by Diane GabrielIn Stillness, at Darkroom Gallery.
~In November 2016, Lost in My Head, was accepted into the juried regional art exhibit at the Wimberley Valley Art League.
~In October 2016, Lost in My Head and Reaching for the Light, were accepted into the juried art show, ARToberfest at the New Braunfels Art League.
~In August 2016, Lost in My Head and Love Transcends Species, were accepted into the juried art show by Karen DivineEmotion, at A. Smith Gallery.
~In May 2016, Living Room Fort, was accepted into the juried art show by Tim Booth, Manus et PedibusDarkroom Gallery.
~In April 2016, Reaching for the Light, was accepted into the juried art show by Aline SmithsonRed, at A. Smith Gallery.
~In 2015, I was accepted as a volunteer photographer to The Gold Hope Project.
~In October of 2015, Lost in My Head, was accepted into the juried art show by Sarah HadleyCurvilinear, at Darkroom Gallery.
~In May 2015, Peekaboo and The Birds, were accepted into the juried art show by Amy ArbusMirror Mirror, at Darkroom Gallery.
~In April 2015, Ready for Fireworks, was published in Capture the Moment (p.60), by Sarah Wilkerson.
~In April 2015, Strength, defined, was published in an advertisement for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the New York Times Magazine.
~In March 2015, several of my images of Renee Sendelbach were published in her autobiography, Renee in Cancerland.
~In the fall of 2014, Ghostly Presence, was accepted into the juried art show by Amy ArbusMirror Mirror, at Darkroom Gallery.
~In late 2013, accepted a staff member position with The Photographer Within.
~In the October 2013, Shoulder, was accepted into the juried art show by Tami Bone, Shadows, at the A. Smith Gallery.
~In the fall of 2013, An Old Dog, was published in Click Magazine (p.72), Issue 06, September/October 2013.
~In 2013, TrekTexas published Emma Long Park.
~In early 2013, I was accepted to CMpro.
~Featured numerous times on My Four Hens Project 52 Eye Candy for weekly themed images in 2012.
~Several of my images were purchased through Getty Images for use on multiple billboards, both here in the USA and internationally in Russia from 2012-2014.
~One of my images was purchased through Getty Images by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and used in a political advertisement for women’s health in 2012.
~Voted Top Ten Angie and Amy Favorite for the August 2012 Pet Faces Photo Challenge at i heart faces.
~In 2012, one of my images was used in a short film called Every Day is Yours to Win.
~In early 2012, I was invited to become a Contributor to Getty Images.
~In 2011, I was very honored to have two of my images published in the Clickin’ Moms “Laughter” book.
~Voted Top Ten People’s Choice Award for Summer 2011 at i heart faces; this photo was also chosen to be in the short-film, Every Day is Yours to Win, and was featured on Pioneer Woman.
~Featured five times on The Pioneer Woman: mobile phone image, Charlie Christmas cardblack and white image, funny face image, and four-legged friend image.
~One of my images was published in the Schmap Austin Guide for the Austin Zoo.
~One of my images was published on Trek Texas.

I’m a Yahoo! Contributor Network blogger. Two articles were picked up for publication with Yahoo! which is such an honor to me:
~A 9/11 Birthday, Reflections on the Past 10 Years
~Sticks and Stones

There! That’s my little brag section. 😉 Thanks for reading.


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