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Elusive Tranquility is my personal blog about parenting a special needs child and her siblings. I started this blog many years ago as a way to share my parenting stories and to connect with other parents of special needs children. I have three children, Jenny who is in college, and Anna and Dominic, both in elementary school. After having Anna, the way I view the world shifted. Anna has PDD-NOS (a form of autism), intellectual disability, epilepsy, microcephaly, hypotonia, hypothyroidism, kyphoscoliosis, sensory integration dysfunction, hearing loss, high myopia, mood disorder, and was failure to thrive from 6 months to 3 years. Bless her heart, her life is hard but she never complains. My son, Dominic, also has ADHD and is intellectually gifted. Anna experiences life at a different pace and with a different viewpoint, and has challenged everything I know about motherhood. Having always been very empathic myself, I feel what she feels and see what she sees… and this gives me a unique vision when exploring my artistic side. I have connected with many other special needs parents through this blog and love hearing from you.

Anna went to her very first middle school dance a couple of weeks ago. The dance was sponsored and thrown by the high school and was for the STAR (Specialized Training in Athletics and Recreation… similar to the Special Olympics) middle school students. Anna participated in the STAR bowling program this past fall and won […]

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  • Lynn - so wonderful– what a great night– way to go Anna!!ReplyCancel

  • Celeste Meader - This was heartwarming! Anna looked great in her beautiful new dress. I loved how the high school girls were observant and sensitive enough to realize Anna was having a moment of feeling left out, and that they took the time to rectify that. It’s one thing being there as a volunteer to assist, but to go that extra step to notice someone was standing on the sidelines not having such a great time at that moment and step in to do something about it was fantastic and took a little more effort and understanding. Kudos to those girls for helping make a special event, but kudos even more to Anna for stepping outside her comfort zone and having a great time dancing with the boys!!! Thank you so much for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • Holly - Thank you, Celeste! I was very impressed with the high school girls and chaperones. It was a wonderful experience!ReplyCancel

I miss blogging for myself. I miss sharing family photos. I miss making siggies for message boards, digital scrapbook pages for myself and clients, and custom cards for every occasion. I feel like I have no direction with my arts at the moment. I plan to change that. I stopped blogging my personal life for […]

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  • Anna - This one caught my eye! The color, and indeed it’s an intimate glimpse. You have written it well. I might have been missing this Holly too! Love and x.ReplyCancel

The kids have finished their first days at their new schools. To say I was nervous about the beginning of this school year would be a gross understatement. They’ve never moved before and they were starting without their friends, without a staff that knew them and their quirks, nobody that knew our family history. I was […]

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The Photographer Within’s Project 52 ~ A Year in Song has been an amazing journey to watch! Each week, our TPW members continue to inspire me with their artistry and creativity. Our lyrical prompt for Week 35 of The Photographer Within‘s P52 was from She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby and the lyrics we had to shoot […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!!! To my Mom… Who is always there for me, for my children, and for all strays… people and animal alike. You have taught me to put myself in others’ shoes, to love unconditionally, to give, to be patient and kind, and most of all, to be the best mother I can be […]

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  • Shirley (your grateful mom) - I can’t find the right words to express how deeply your post has touched me…. I love you very much. You are the best mom in the whole world.ReplyCancel

  • Lori Verlinghieri - Sweet, wonderful, wise Holly… how do you always have the ability to express what is in all of our hearts? Especially your words about Anna… I want to steal your thoughts and embroider them on a pillow for Jacob :). I’m so lucky to have you in my life.ReplyCancel