Project 52, Week 48

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks so I haven’t picked up my camera much for personal photos. So what do I usually do on a Friday night when I realize I have no good contenders for a P52 photo? That’s right, I shoot the dog. *Snort* shoot the dog…

I’ve shared him before, but let me re-introduce you if you haven’t met him yet. This is Rocky, he’s our 12-year old Lab. He’s been the best dog, so patient with the kids. He’s been having trouble getting around, has developed cataracts, arthritis in his hips, and barks for no reason at times. Curtis is going to build him a ramp from the garage to the dog yard since he’s been having trouble with the steps.

I got down in the floor with my new (used) wide-angle… I love this perspective! Processed with CM Film Art preset Onyx.

Thanks for looking!

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