Project 52, week 39

This week I’m going to be more positive! I had a fun project last weekend where I took all of my lenses and set up some focus tests. I used one of Anna’s dolls that has glass eyes, put my camera on a tripod, used the remote release, created three different shooting distances, and made all of the camera settings the same for each lens (ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed). What I discovered is that my 85mm, which I hardly use, is my sharpest lens. I go through cycles of love with my lenses and whenever I get a new (used) one, I make myself shoot exclusively with it for at least a month to get a good feel for it. Since I haven’t used my 85mm in a while, I put it on my camera this week and have been trying to shoot with it only (though there was an interlude with a toad and my macro yesterday, but I digress). For my P52 photo, I’m choosing this one of Dominic. He was sitting at the breakfast table and I had to back up all the way against the wall in order to get his entire head in the frame (and that’s why I haven’t been using this focal length, I have to back up so much!) but the clarity! Gasp! I’m smitten with the sharpness in his eyes and I didn’t touch them in post. Sigh.

Isn’t he so cute? Well, the funky arm chop is distracting, but my mommy goggles are totally in love with those eyes…

I had to share two others I got in this moment.

Thanks for looking!

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  • Jill - Great clarity! Gotta love those expressions!ReplyCancel

  • Diane S - Really nice colors. Adorable. My 85 is my sharpest lens too. I love it. and on a side note, my son is Dominic too. He has red hair and green eyes though.ReplyCancel

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