Project 52, week 34

It ended up being a great first week at school! I was worried especially about Anna because of her first day, but she has turned out to be the role model for her class, isn’t that wonderful? Two little girls who are non-verbal are following her around and wanting to be her friend and play. We are going to brush up on Anna’s sign language this weekend… she used to know about 150 signs at one point (she didn’t really start talking in sentences until age 4). Dominic’s notes home all said “fantastic day!” complete with smiley faces. What a difference from his grumpy 1st grade teacher last year! I’m so proud of both of them.

I took this photo this evening at dinner of Dominic with Anna touching him arm. Instead of me telling you what was going on, I thought this photo sort of told a story of its own… and I’d love to hear YOUR interpreation. Tell me in the comments what this photo says to you!

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  • staceyrw - Sweet moment! To me, Dominic’s exhaustion from the first day is settling in and his sister notices at the dinner table and reaches out to provide a little light, calming touch to kind of say, I understand…just relax! I love their reflection in the table by the way!ReplyCancel

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