Happy 7th Birthday, Dominic!

Today is my youngest child’s 7th birthday. Gone are the chubby-cheeked toddler days, the lisping “fank you,” and my ability to carry him up the stairs to bed after he’s fallen asleep in our bed. In its place is a sweet, earnest boy who is incredibly polite, who can talk to us about anything and everything, and whose heart is as huge as his smile.

Happy Birthday, Dominic! My sweet Pickle, I am so proud of you.

Here are 7 things you love:

  • iPhone games… especially Tiny Zoo (and derivatives), any and all talking apps, and Hanging with Friends.
  • Pokemon… I think you can name the entire catalog of characters!
  • Harry Potter… it’s been such a pleasure rediscovering this wonderful series of books through your eyes.
  • Video games… Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3 (yes we are a little addicted too!), and computer games. You love them all.
  • Math… you really enjoy solving math problems and are already doing algebra in your head!
  • Jenny… you have an incredible bond with your oldest sister and love spending time with her.
  • Chicken nuggets and French fries… pretty much the only thing you will eat if we go out for dinner.

Here are 7 things I love about you:

  •  How you climb into bed with me every morning for a cuddle.
  • How I’m able to talk to you like an adult and have you understand everything I’m saying… and having interesting conversations with you about deep and meaningful things.
  • That you always want to and are willing to play with Anna even though she rejects you more than accepts you.
  • How you try to finagle my iTunes password from me every time you play on my phone.
  • How you try SO hard not to cry when you get hurt but still lose it anyway.
  • How you are my willing model anytime I need to practice a new photography technique.
  • How your mouth turns up one side into this adorable smirk when you are trying to tell a joke or share something you’re proud of.

I hope this year brings you more happiness at school, a real friend, and some stability with your moods and impulsiveness. I hope you find something that sparks your interest, a new hobby, or a sport that you love. I hope you continue to cuddle with me and let me love on you. After all, you’ll always be my baby. <3

My favorite newborn photo is when the nurse was dressing him in the hospital for the first time. Love.

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