Project 52, week 14

This is my beautiful daughter, Jenny. Today I lost an equally beautiful friend, Debbie. I’ve been wanting to give my sweet girl extra big hugs because when Debbie and I were the closest is when Jenny was a toddler and preschooler. In fact, I had major abdominal surgery when Jenny was three and Debbie was mom for two weeks while I recovered… taking Jenny to preschool, cooking her meals, putting her to bed… everything while still helping me recover from surgery. So I wanted to honor Debbie tonight by taking a photo of Jenny. My heart is heavy but full of love.

I also took this experience as an opportunity to further explore something I love… photography. I bought a reflector and shot in full sun with it. There is a learning curve for sure, I see the catchlights may be a tad too bright, but I really like the light on Jenny’s face and the shadows too. I did very little to process this photo.

Hug your loved ones, ‘k?


Thanks for looking.

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