Project 52, Week One

I wanted a really dramatic photo to start my 2011 Project 52 but this one is honest and symbolic.

Last week, I had a partial knee replacement of my right knee along with some other procedures. I wrote out the whole story on Elusive Tranquility but suffice it to say that I had been having a difficult time getting any exercise of late or even just keeping up with the kids for the last few months. This surgery was necessary to keep me mobile and I wanted to document it as much as I could with photography. I took this photo right before being wheeled into surgery. Of course I had to get a pedicure so my toes would be spiffy plus my ortho is a cutie-pie. 😉

This photo represents a new beginning for a new year. I am optimistic that once I finish physical therapy I will be able to conquer anything physically. It also symbolizes stepping onto a new path in my own journey… with my health and my dreams.



Thanks for looking!

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