Day 313

I’m shooting with my D40 and kit lens today, sob. I bought the D300 last week from Craigslist and took it to the local camera shop today to get cleaned and checked out. They’re cleaning my prime lens too. I haven’t used this zoom in so long, I forgot how nice it is to be able to zoom in closer on your subject.

Today’s photo is inspired by this week’s creativity challenge at Clickin’ Moms: Groups of Three… “There’s something special about threes in art; the Rule of Thirds is obviously a good example of the prominent role of three in artistic composition. Notably, elements in groups of three can also strengthen an image’s composition – perhaps because many people unconsciously impart religious and/or cultural significance to such a grouping. Three items together creates a pleasing sense of balance and repetition.” When I saw the three birds on the wire, I knew this would be a great photo for this challenge.

Processed with Florabella’s Mademoiselle action from the Luxe collection.


Thanks for looking!

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